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Deeper issues behind suicides ignored at NYU
Ellie Miller
3/22/04 0:00

To the Editor:

Yet again there has been another suicide associated with NYU. Yet again we received a cursory e-mail informing us of the incident and reminding us of campus resources.
But NYU has virtually no community feeling. Yeah, it's difficult because of the way our campus is structured and the independent and capable nature of our students. But not one of my professors mentioned the suicides. Very few of my classmates ever mention them.

Are we so large that tragic deaths don't really matter? This is endemic of a larger national problem of college and teenage depression, too much stress from a variety of sources and not enough of an effort to really address the roots of problems. The short e-mails and lack of discussion about suicide, mental health and the stresses on students - particularly transfer students and particularly those who transfer mid-year - are not enough.

How long will it be until a different approach is tried? How long will it take for professors and others to care enough to take five minutes to start a dialogue in their classes?